Could someone make me a thumbnail

My game is modeled after fishtopia and one way out. Pls help

So a thumbnail between fishotopia and one way out…
Okie, I gotta double task now since I have a lore to work on…

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If its to much someone else can do it but thank you

No I’m fine, I’m used to doing my homework at 3 A.M so this should be a piece of cake

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Done @E15

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Thank you so much that looks good honestly i feel there should be a little less of a fishtopia feel there should be more one way out

The name of the game is fish your way out

@THEHACKER120 maybe add a spaceship and more plants to resemble one way out?
also the terrain lines look way to smooth

Agreed @Foxy it should be a little rougher

Okie I will add those stuff sry I had to write an essay but now I’m back

can j give it a shot too?? ill add examples if youd like

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XD I love the name

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Yes yall can try it looks good

that name lol



I kinda took @THEHACKER120 ’s idea of a parachute


Can you be more descriptive?

Could I try? I want to know if you like my work first though. I would rather not make it for it not to be used. If so please fill out this format.

previous work

  • Thumbnail format


Main Gim:

Background:(just find a picture or describe it.)

other details:

Is this good?

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