Could Someone make a thumbnail for me?

thx, it only took around 20 mins

Screenshot 2024-04-19 5.04.35 PM
took around 20 mins too i was eating so sorry for the delay

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Screenshot 2024-04-19 6.12.39 PM

Without mouth would look better

Can I try and make one



Screenshot 2024-04-19 9.53.13 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-19 10.06.36 PM
is the game called one way out but you can’t see your health?

it says no more than 3 consecutive replys so now i’m just editing this

Screenshot 2024-04-20 9.43.53 AM

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How is?


@Shade make a poll when you get multiple thumbnails, to get what most people think is the best one.

can I help

My other work

Sure I’ll make the poll And Hopefully it will work this time after you make yours

I made 2 versions

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Time To Make Poll Since a new person joined the thumbnail your haft to change and redo your vote
Down Below Sorry

wait can you vote yourself

Sure @guy_the_person First Working Poll

Where’s the evil plants eyes @The-realgimkitMaster Just wondering

there facing the other way

Ohh Okay cool thumbnail by the way

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