Could someone help me with Monkey Mart?

I was hoping someone friendly :innocent: here could help me or teach me how to make Monkey Mart in Gimkit! :monkey_face:
If you don’t know what Monkey Mart is, it’s a tycoon game where you collect cash :dollar:, sell crops like :corn: and :banana:. I think that I’m pretty good at creative myself, so as long as it’s well explained, I think I can understand how, thanks in advance! :blush:
I don’t know if having other staff members is possible, but maybe help with collecting cash, losing crops for money and stuff.
-MonkeyMart :beginner:
Here’s the link to try it to get an understanding of it!

I might help

Don’t worry. I got it TheHacker120. No need to worry. (Go study man, thought you said you were gonna study lol)

But if you want to make monkey mart, you will need items, vending machines, and npcs. I’m not the best at this, (played the game before, its fun) so you might have to ask someone else here.)

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this could be pretty easy to make, you just us a crafting table that looks like a farming plot to grow crops, but idk about the customers tho

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I can, what do u need hellp with?

The Mechanics :hammer_and_wrench: mostly, I think I can figure out the rest on my own.

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try crafting tables so they have to manually plant stuff

Thanks! I’ll try that :heart:
But what about upgrades?
I know I could use vending machines, but how would the upgrade itself work?

Ok, what mechanics exactly, do u want to know how to grow crops, get money from the crops, be able to give stuff to people? Plz explain

OH, i know exactly how to do this, just go to devices, search cash upgrade, wire it to your vending machine, and then it should be good to go, i don’t know how to put the logos on though, u’d have to ask somebody else for that

Oh, sorry if I wasn’t specific enough :sweat_smile:
I need to know know to make the upgrades, get money for crops & the general mechanics from the game.
Honestly, I don’t know which mechanics are even possible, so any help is appreciated :heart:

extra speed, cash multiplier. Rebirth. Secret Areas

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Thanks, you’re really helpful! :hugs:
But I meant how to make them, not the ideas themselves, if that’s not too much to ask :grey_question:

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Sure. Vending machines to speed modifiers, you can use wires. And for the cash multiplier, use this

for the money for the crops, you can have a button on a table (if that’s what you mean) or an area, and you need multiple checkers for the different types of food wired to the button/area and give them a certain amount of money for each food (you may only need one checker, depending on exactly the different types of food u want to sell

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ain’t no way bro said that :skull:
you really think they made that game?

no my bad i thought it was a game

then i visited the link…

I’m 90 percent certain that Gitrithekd made that C&P welcome message as a joke, lol.

Anyways, welcome to the forums, you will have here.
To answer one thing, staff members, are impossible to do efficiently. Also, customers are possible, but the frames will be choppy, like every animation in Gimkit.