Could someone help me make a thumbnail for a game

what you do in the game is you find these books, and then when you find them you get a key. You use the key to get into the vault and get cash. You can also fish and get upgrades. The objective of the game is to have the most money at the end. Currently I have no name for it so if you could make one for me that would help a lot. I would also prefer a hand drawn one, but one made with photo shop would be just as good!

I can do it for you!
I also use photoshop so I think your set!

Some of my work

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ok! Thanks! also your past thumbnails are very good

Screenshot 2024-04-05 8.48.17 AM
these are the books

those are codex’s, a book of code.

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Screenshot 2024-04-05 8.48.58 AM
this and stache, and the Christmas tree gim are the main gims but you can do whatever you want

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use the symbols <> to hid your text to bypass the character limit


are you almost done with it?

Sorry bro I’m still in school right now.
I will tell you when I start and when I finish the thumbnail.

what’s the name of the game?

I think this will clarify the name. Or I guess lack of name.

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I need a name for the game kiddo or else I cant make it!

book of wonders!

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book of wonders

have you started?

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i reached my limit of saves for the day , im so sry for the inconvenience but i will start tomorrow!

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ok thanks!

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are you still making the thumbnail?

sry I got suspended and forgot what u needed can u fill me in rq?