Could someone help me design a game?

It’s Gimchester vs Emberwall in a in a Medieval gamemode!

The game works either A: Small fortresses with flags are located across the map, and it’s a battle for territory!

B: Troops. Eliminate Troops to switch them to your side. Whoever has the most troops win!

What do i do? And how?

What do you need help with? Unfortunatly, we cant help directly, but we can give ideas and advice!

What should i do???

well, do you want to do A or B?

I DONT KNOW!!! Also 20 character minimum so

I’d suggest both.

How can both be in one game

Implement both of those mechanics into it.
Or are they different games?

It’s either Territory captured as score or Men on your team as score

You need to choose.

A or B, I can’t they’re both good

Oh never mind. I don’t need help anymore

Then please mark a solution!

No, they were asking how to make the system.

Yeah I caught myself

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just do a capture the flag map reskin, I guess

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