Could someone: do this?

Make me a Percy Jackson Wiki, I would love to make art for that

Sorry if so random

couldn’t you do it yourself? Idk what’s the process for making one but if you can’t make it yourself, I don’t think anyone can

p.s. this is off-topic


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  1. It’s not off topic.

  2. Only regulars can make wikis.

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Thats what im asking, due to some issues that got me unlisted on the forums for a few months ruined my chance of being regular so I need a regular to make a wiki

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Sorry to hear about that man.

Oh nvm, I thought they were talking about fandom, not percy jackson gimkit art lol

Honestly don’t know what was going through my mind

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What was going through your mind ._.

No…no its okay your fine

I smell pennies

No I know about that but its the actual mythology not percy jackson

I want Percy Jackson not the actual mythology

A Percy Jackson wiki?
Ok I guess I will make it just gimme what you want to call it.

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@Chuck72 look on your email

for one minute then i will be on topic

Ah, just saw this.
@Gimkitsuggestor, Imma make one for you.
I know you probably wanted someone else, but a wiki is a wiki, right?

please mark a solution now and here is the link Percy Jackson Wiki For @GimkitSuggestor

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