Could somebody send me a link to their map? [RESOVLED]

I was just needing some inspiration for my map.

Hey there, Elijah! Please don’t make a post to let everybody post a link to their map. It is the Violation of the Community Guidelines, and people will go play people’s maps posted instead of helping people - which is a problem.

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im not trying to be rude or anything but like lol y’all were all in a “group chat” and once it got banned y’all are all like strict.

That isn’t allowed here, but there are plenty of other sources of inspiration available. You can check out the Community Made Guides section if you want to see some guides on how to make game features, and there have been a lot of other posts asking this question that you can look through - maybe some of the replies to those posts can give you an idea or two!

You can view maps here:

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I didn’t want it to be a group chat. I was just asking for help and the group chat started with 2 fast repliers.

I’m not saying that you were rude but to be fair most people before the “chat” were already strict about codes.

yea but it didnt really seem like it.

anyways lets change the subject
i have a feeling this could turn into an argument

Did you think that i was just not asking for help?

Oh i’m sorry i didn’t know. i should’ve read the guidelines. I didn’t mean to turn this into a group chat. :expressionless:

It’s okay though. You can edit the post title and change it to [RESOLVED]


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