Copyright trouble

I am making a game based off of an indie game called Lobotomy Corporation. If I were to use a garbage version of Lobotomy Corporation’s Logo, would it get taken down?
My logo:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 10.40.37 AM
L. Corp’s logo (slightly cut off):
Screenshot 2024-04-08 10.48.13 AM

I would say that it would be. You should probably change up the colors or the letter of something.


maybe, but you should add a bit of your own flare too?


I’m not sure, most people wouldn’t know what it is. But just to be safe and not have your game taken down i would not copy it. Maybe make it a J so it sort of looks the same, but isn’t at the same time. That or you could message pharlain on it, she would know better than anyone else.


I don’t believe that Project Moon would necessarily care if you made this.
I’m not a HUGE expert on CR laws, but I do not believe that they would want to take this down.

Adding on, the logo you created is different, and as long as you don’t monetize from the game in anyway, you’ll be ok.

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