Copy right please help

I made a game called find dad. Someone made a new version that is WAY worse and copied my game.

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Please take it down. (IT COPIED LIKE ALL THE DESIGN)

do you not know how copy right works? thats NOT what it is lol

Ideas are intellectual property, ideas have no copyright. It’s just a game. Email: if you want it taken down.

we can’t help you with this
and that’s not what copyright is

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Unfortunately, there is no way to report/ban games :frowning:

And I wouldn’t count this as copyright, just an sucky person. Sorry :frowning:

I get that but they copied the name of the game and the whole design.

you can email gimkit if you want it taken down.

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nothing you can do, sorry

Bro i played find dad
its funny and fun

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same it was great

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There is, I have got many taken down. including: survive world war 2, and get married

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Due to how copyright laws work. The fact that im assuming you’re under 18 you can’t even make a copyright claim anyways. Unless you’re legal guardians do it for you. This person has the free right to copy your game all they want without giving credit. They might be a jerk for it. The only solution I can offer is to email and see if they’ll take it down. Please mark a solution.

Have a good one


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