Copy and pasting

Is there any way to copy and paste props or devices on a mobile device?

Nope, it might be impossible. Mobile Users might experience bugs on their devices - it’s because gimkit does not approve mobile devices - It approves only chromebooks and any computers.

Funni Edit (might not be funni)


Ok, I am on a mobile device and I was trying to find a way to the the free blueprint gim

You might not need it, instead, search up the tree again on the “add” section and it’ll work, don’t worry if it might take long - atleast you’re taking time getting that free blueprint gim

If you have a virtual keyboard currently enabled, it might be possible… I’m not sure how you’d manage that, what with virtual keyboards usually only being available when you’ve selected a textbox, but in theory it might be possible. Bluetooth keyboards also exist if you happen to have one, but at that point you might just want to go and find a computer to use instead. Either way, it is still possible for you to manually change the settings of multiple devices to match each other, so you might have to use the less convenient option while on a mobile device.