Coordinates to text display

So I have this 3d renderer. It gives me two coordinates after it runs. I need help turning the coordinates into a display. Does anyone know how to make a text display? Also, I want to be able to turn every single spot into a :black_large_square:, but then the coordinate into a :white_large_square:. Also, the display has to be at least a 64 by 64 “pixel” display. Could anyone link any guides that could help me?

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what, specifically, are the 2 coordinates? I don’t think there is a guide for this but Blackhole made this so he could help…

They are integers generated by the formula. A x and a y.


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I tried to make one but found that it’s very difficult and mine didn’t work. If anyone knows a way, could they please tell me? (I just need this and then I have a functional wireframe renderer.)

wait. so the coordinates aren’t player coordinates but coordinates from the text display, right?
idk why but your wording confuzzles me…

Yes. I have many points (each using the 2 properties: Xp, Yp), and I want to display them on a text display.

what is the text display about?
edit: @Grey_Stone is it just for text, or a minigame, or something else?

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What do you mean?
Edit: It’s filled with black squares, and then it receives the point Xp, Yp, and then is able to turn that coordinate into a white square. Something else, I guess. @Kosm0-o

look up.

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Bump because why not?

I just bumped into this post. I’m making a display and idk how to make a text display either, so I just used 200 barriers. Very time costing, not recommended.

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Use text square emojis like the ones used for guide ratings.

I know to use square emojis, I just want to know what is the block code to do it

… Wouldnt it just be
Set text “[square emoji]”

oh so there’s a text for EVERY single square emoji? that’s more complicated then barriers!

Not really depending on what text display you are making.

um…OK I just want to know how to do it with multiple emojis in one text

You would use a number property using 0s and 1s or more depending on the number of colors. Then in blocks you convert it into a text variable. And you can use get letter number block.

I think you would need to use a text device for every emoji but there is probably another way.