Coordinates different

even though they are exactly in the same place, when I put it like this
and the overlay is
the y axis are not the same

there are many blocks tracking coords, maybe delete the dupe set?

What are you trying to do? You need a different property for each one, and it needs to be a number property. Also there is just a “Update Property” on the coor device.

I do have an update property on the coor device, and that updates a player property but I want to detect when a player touches another player so I save each set of player coordinates to a public property

Do you want it to detect when ANY player touches any player?

yeah, so I can’t use a tag zone

And this code tracks the players coords and stores them in a property accurately?

This should help (I think)

its not too accurate as you can see from this, and also the eating system STILL doesn’t work

I already have that system, a text player property “coor” and I store all the players’ coordinates in c1, c2, c3, c4…c15

So, you have player IDs. Why don’t you use the players coordinates’ blocks to set that players ID property to their current coordinates whenever they move? (Ex: Player 5 moves, and the property p5 is updated to store player 5’s coords)

But I did that in a trigger, that triggers every 0.5 seconds and when the player moves it also triggers

It triggers the players coordinates’ blocks?

it triggers this:

Can you send pictures of the channels, properties, and the entire block code?
If it isn’t a problem with any of the aforementioned, it could be a problem with device delays in fetching the y/x coordinates – might want to check for anything that could offset the blocks getting the coordinates. (the trigger stated above)

Sidenote for ire

Is this an map?

make all the properties number properties

I think it is a problem with the delays, that’s why its posted in the bugs categoryyes this is an map

honestly, good luck. ive been here during this saga (you’re doing great btw) and it looks very technical, which hopefully means well made. again, good luck.

thanks, and its fixed now. In the end the player property was a global property.

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