Coolio Device: Lifecycle

The start of everything!
The lifecycle can do a lot of things, like start something when the game starts
But I think it’s limited, so maybe decrease the memory, or add more stuff to the lifecycle!


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Uh where’s the context in this?
Maybe add something into the post explaining why the lifecycle is so good?

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welcome to the forums, @JustTapping!

is this supposed to be a device specific guide?

if so, please use drafts and wait until your done to post this

well, your new, so it ish’t really your foult

just read the FAQ and Community Guidelines

ahh you made me think abt coolio the rapper


device posts are used for concepts and a trash pile please mark a solution

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bro justtapping is new cut him some slack
(sorry for rude)

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I just said to mark a solution :skull: there are much worse things


well he might not know how tho

How do we edit our reply?

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edit the post?

just click the pencil button

This button:

Coolio Hoped to Keep Playing as He Aged ...

don’t see how this is coolio
its a heart monitor basically

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Thank you! This helped

Ok, my next ones will be like that

Np happy to help

fun fact gimkit take suggestion from the nolt If u was suggesting @JustTapping

why are device post used for trash?

process of elimination not a perfect solution but it had to go somewhere

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