Cool ways to spice up trees! (the props)

hello there, and thank you for clicking on my post! In this guide, I will show you how to spruce up your trees. (the props)

let us begin :]

Layered trees

I’ve always thought trees looked boring, even if you tint them they seem utterly tedious. So one of the ways you can make these props less boring is by adding layers. By using tinted dirt, you can add splotches of darker and lighter leaves like so.
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.11.50 PM

Different kinds of trees

In GCK, there are five different colors of standard trees that all have their variations, but why stop there? By using different kinds of emojis, you can add fruit, flowers, or anything to your trees.
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.20.55 PM
(i made a cherry blossom tree using a pink tree and flower emojis.)
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.21.00 PM
(an orange tree as well.)

Forest variety

Let’s say you’re building a forest biome, and you have this nice patch of trees, but something seems off.
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.25.26 PM
Everything is the same, so let’s fix that. for starters, there are 3 different variations of green trees. take advantage of this and use them all!
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.31.19 PM
great, now it’s looking much better, but there are still some other things we can do. you can edit the tree’s color in the tint section. by doing this, we can add variety and help make the setting seem more natural.

Getting creative

There are hundreds of props in the prop section, and 15 of those are trees, but that doesn’t mean other props can’t apply. If you don’t understand what I mean, then take a look at this.

I was able to make this giant cherry blossom tree, but if you look closer, not all of it is a tree. For example,
Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.42.46 PM
I used coral to make the vines,

Screenshot 2023-12-22 7.43.26 PM
and I used multiple flower emojis around the tree.
If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, it’s that you should get creative when you make trees! Use props beyond their initial purpose, and experiment.

hopefully, some of the things I’ve stated may have helped you. A heart would be greatly appreciated. as always, thank you for reading, and have a good rest of your day/night! <3


Nice guide!


this would be really useful for RPG’s

you should do that here

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This guide is AWESOME!!! : )

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I LOVE the massive cherry tree design! I’m planning on making a school in Creative with some of my friends, and these trees will be perfect for the yard… and maybe I might put some trolls in there…


Trolling? You can count on me >:)


Just made a secret button labeled :question: and it takes away all of the player’s items. >:)


Do you guys like ice skating? :ice_cube:
I do. >:)
Once a player touches a certain terrain (for example, ice) they go slip sliding down a huge path straight down to their DOOM.


Screenshot 2023-12-23 7.20.44 PM
heres the pokemon card, the other topic closed.


Nice job! That looks great!

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what guide should i make next, i wanna make another guide on something but i’d like it to be helpful and something that people need/will use. any ideas/requests?

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Maybe layered texturing with terrain and barriers?

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Soooo. . . What do you think, @speedy_kd4 ?

this is getting off-topic , I recommend you stop talking about this or else you risk getting flagged


Okay. You’re right. We need to get back on topic.

I always do the classic pop up troll (a button wired to a pop up, that pop up wired to an identical pop up) so that when they press the button, the pop up appears, and when they try to close it, the other one pops up and so on. Hehehehheheh
AND the butttoj message is “don’t press me” so they will regret their life choices when they see the result of pressing


Good idea. I will probably give you some credit for that idea in my winter map.

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ouch!! i bumped my head while climbing a tree!