Cool ways to decorate your Custom Bosses!

Everyone, the past few posts have been off-topic despite multiple warnings, please stop.

so… um… Custom bosses am I right? totally on topic :sweat_smile:


I told them to stop being off topic. @GimSolver

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Yes, but big words usually draw more attention.

I don’t mean big as in hard, I mean big as in Big

THEM? how is this my fault i advised to delete the code right away and he/she did!

Sorry I don’t know how to do big words.

I never said so it was your fault.
Stop being Off topic now.

just stop, please. they never specified.

@MOON, use < big > without spaces. or use # in the beginning of a line, space then write.

sorry i thought u were pointing firngers at me when you said “them” I’ve gotten into enough trouble for one day!

Now back on topic! :sweat_smile:

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BUMP, and, does anyone know how to make a penguin?



That’s… Interesting… But it’s too big and takes a ton of work

Here: ^^^^^^^^^^^

you could us epenguin emoji

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