Cookie Clicker Ideas

I need ideas on NPC’s for my cookie clicker and tiny things to do.

Try using another prop instead of a cookie, for variety.

Have an easter egg with people’s names or smthn.

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Exactly what I was thinking! Good luck with your COokie Clicker!

Well i dont want to copy what i already did… but yeah we could do that…
it doesnt have to be a cookie it could be like a tycoon or somthing?

Well, Coral made Coral Clicker. Maybe something like fire clicker?

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Well, Me and Seven Seas and Whereismyhat and Dodge made Cookie GimClicker so…

I was gonna make a part two but we could do like a DOUGHNUT tycoon!!!

Well you could do:

  • a baker that gives you advice
  • a witch who needs a cookie for her side quest
  • a few customers
  • a news guy after 10000 cookies asking how you’re so popular
  • an assistant that helps and provides autoclicker upgrades

You could add repeating customers like in the game Good Pizza, Great Pizza if you’ve ever played it. (It’s on iphone)