Control remote rover

I was thinking about making a little rover (space) but I want it to be controled remote, by pressing a trigger , and not pressing many triggers, like one trigger for going forward
, one trigger for going backward, one trigger for going left, and another for right…
but I dont know how to make a trigger do that without using thousands of triggers…
I think maybe making a animation?

that would use animation but tons of placement and would be messy

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I just want to to go to a short distance not long
and I am okay it going just forward

easier way: get a trigger for each direction and a counter for every 2 triggers. one counter is for forward and backward and the other counter is for left and right. update counter through trigger and the rover prop hides/shows depending on the counter value.

harder way: same thing but no counters and instead encoding with properties.

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I will try that anyways thanks

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it kinda did work
anyways it did

still working on it ( I am going to need many wire repeaters)

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