Confused on how to make an item respawn after killed

I am making a game where once you kill a prop it takes 8 seconds to respawn it, but I can’t think of a way without spending all of my memory on it.

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so let me make sure i understand

  1. you break prop
  2. prop starts 8 second timer
  3. timer is over
  4. prop respawns?
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yes. The timer is through a trigger.

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hm. this is tricky. you could put the same prop behind it in nearly the same spot and just have it hidden when the other one is destroyed, and have it seen when the trigger goes off

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how many times do you plan on having this prop be broken? is it infinite? because if so then i think thats impossible

Sadly, it is infinite. Thanks for trying though. I’ll just use sentries instead.

but then the sentry would attack the player… and you cant put a barrier around it to stop that or then the player wouldn’t be able to hit it…
you have a mighty dilemma my friend.

I think I can just make it so that the player has a lot of health and the sentries attack really slow with terrible aim.

If there is a setting to transmit on a channel if the prop is destroyed(I haven’t used destroyable props so I don’t know), then hook it up to a trigger with an 8-second delay to show it again. I think that’ll work. If it can’t reappear because you already destroyed it(again, I’m not sure), then show another prop with the trigger and repeat that several times.
What are you trying to make?

  1. i already tried that
  2. it wont work
  3. he wants it to be able to do this infinitely, so just putting props behind it wont work

If you can’t do it infinitely, do it as much as you can.

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