Computer prop bug

For some reason all compter props are called “infested computer”, even if they’re normal.

also fix the bug for sentries because every i put a few sentry 1 or 3 sentry just disapear

It’s most likely just an oversight, but yeah that should be fixed.

That’s because of how grouped up they are.If this is happening, you need to spread out your sentrys

oh thanks ill do that

yall ever have that bug where the game constantly says lost connection (i have good internet)

oh yea its just if your away from the gimkit tab to long or stand still to long in the game it says you lost connection

i was just making stuff and it always randomly happens

Resolved - If there’s someone who is collabing with you and all perms are on, it might be because they changed the laptop prop name.

No, I think the computer is just named infested computer by default.

Yeah. That’s probably a mistake that was overlooked.

Do you know where the nolt site is, btw?

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Can you go to the discourse thing for a second?

Yeah, this is with other props too, I think. It’s still usable though.