Complex RPG tasks

I am working on a secret project, and I just finished the bare bones of the project, meaning that the main gimmick works with no bugs! Since I was thinking about the game being an RPG/Adventure game, I would need tasks to go in the game, which is where you guys come in, being able to come up with dozens of ideas. The tasks could consist of talking to someone and going on a fetch quest, saving something/someone, or taking out some enemies. The quests all have to be VERY complicated though, and have multiple endings, one of which is the golden ending, which should be very hard, if not impossible to get the first time you see the NPC. Time travel is encouraged. [1] I’ll leave this open for about a week, then take the best three! Thanks for reading all of this, and here’s to some good ideas!

  1. A good example would be a merchant who needs a berry. You can give him any type of berry, but you can only get the golden ending if you give him a red berry, which you can only get AFTER you give him another berry and he opens up a new area for you, requiring you to time travel in order to give him the red berry. ↩︎


Mission Save an undercover Agent:

Agent number: (randomly generated 3 digits)
your knowledge of the number: (just the last digit)
Maf1a knowledge: (all 3 digits)
Digit you know after defeating maf1a boss: (random digit (1st or second)
Finally, sneak into a corrupt FBI agent’s house and dig thru files:
set there to be 30 files around the house: make each of them lengthy and full of detail, but only one has Agents 3 digits
then you sneak out of the house: (try not to get caught)
and report to police: (10% chance they don’t believe you and you must redo the entire thing) :smiling_imp:

File example

File No. 22

Serial k*ller / hitman
Primary suspect: Andreas Diaz
Victims: Terrence Johnson, Kevin Baldwin, Anna Stevens

Reason of suspect: does not have an alibi, doesn’t have a legal job, but has a steady income
Warrant: house, basement, car, and recent hotel room.

Forensics: Abigail Rodgers, Juan Santiago, Jimmy Li

Evidence Against Diaz: Was at hotel room next to alledged m*rder

Alibi: Ran out of Police station, now at large, probably armed


Ok. Uh, that’s a little bit darker than what I was intending to do.[1] Thanks for the attempt though!

  1. This may be too dark to publish actually… ↩︎


I just finished my assignments for the weekend so I can do another one:

Tomb trap:
TONS of triggers, and traps
Although traps are activated by RNG, they are still possible to escape:
(suggestions :arrow_down: )

  1. invisible lasers (these have semi-visible looking “lines” to warn the player)
  2. cracked terrain that trap you when you step on it, but only after 1 second so you can run away,
  3. blocks (maybe icicles? I don’t think those are in pyramids tho…) that drop randomly (respawn player, or restart level/adventure)(drop time 1.5 seconds)
  4. a room full of (ozi) sentries that sh**t at you (must prevent that room)

Now if you can escape/dodge these traps then you get to Pharoh’s tomb, then you must search for the gold key (try to hide it but still make it findable), then you can use this key to unlock the next level!

@ClicClac c so your saying that the person needs to get through a complicated quest with many endings to summarize it. If so, I’ll fetcho you ideas pretty quickly! Thx

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Hi Clicclac!

Idea No.1
Help WhoAmI fix the universe!

A dragon broke the universe with a time paradox, and now its up to you to help WhoAmI fix it up!

(you prob need WhoAmI’s permission, idk)

when you accept the quest you “teleport” to another dimension, which is really just a 25 room escape room that uses non-euclidean geometry. theme is space.
(tbh idk how to make non-euclidean geometry)

theres a game overlay ability called time travel, which uhhhh, travels back in time? i think every time you update a property or smth, you have to trigger a delayed trigger that stores the property/item in another property, and upon time travelling it resets ur stuff to the delayed trigger properties. prob uses a lot of memory

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Fun fact: I already made time travel in GKC. It takes about 6%. That’s an interesting idea!

Yes, that is what I’m asking. Maybe 3-5 endings so it doesn’t get too complex.

I’m wondering how? But anyways, time travel, I got some ideas.
The first part:

While traveling in the Gim-Space Sender B867 (I made that name up because it’s of no importance), you come to a planet of which is filled with some strange creatures who have superpowers beyond explanation. One can run super fast, and I mean faster than sound fast, then another who seems to be effortlessly flying and firing lasers form his eyes and hands. They seem to be fighting what looks like a Pink Evil Sentry from Earth (The player’s Earth, maybe a One Way Out refrence while you’re at it).
The Pink Evil Sentry is dressed in golden armor and has a helment of which glows with 7 stones. Then, you have to make a big decission because you notice one of the heros looking at you:

  • Go help him (1)
  • Ask them what’s going on (2)
  • Leave, game ends (3)

(1). You go to help him fight the sentry in an extremely well animated battle of which is the hardest battle that could be created. The game doesn’t end there because there are 2 outcomes of it:

  • You lose, game ends
  • You win, and continue to explore the universe (1,a)

(1,a) You continue fighting evil forces until they ask you to j0in them in solving the ailen wars, which means going in back in time to stop them, of which you can

  • J0in them (Golden Ending only if you’ve done (2,a) too)
  • Say no (Nothing happens)
  • Betray them (Fight all them in a big battle)

(2) Ask them what’s going on of which one of them gets mad at you and blast at you because she thinks you’re a threat:

  • Dodge, and attack them (You lose terribly)
  • Dodge fight purple guy (2,a)
  • Accept your fate and get hit by the attack, game ends

(2,a) You’re fighting the purple guy of which you get asked the same questions as (1).

(I hope this is what you wanted ClicClac.)

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You overestimate my animation abilities. This sounds like the main plot of a major game and not a side plot of a relatively small game (I might publish a demo so I can update it later), so I’ll let you keep it.


Ok ClicClac here I go with my lore writing skills/RPG experience.

Mission: Stop the war between Echo and Vortex.

JUNE 14, 2040

You are wandering around a city called GimCity, As you walk around you start to notice that the city is abandoned. Out of curiosity you walk into an old laboratory, and you trip over a cable and land in a time machine by accident, then you hear a noise. It gets louder each second, then a flash of purple light

JUNE 14 3025

You hop out the time machine and everything looks the same. When you return to your village, everything is gone… And you see Vortex flags everywhere (hinting the vortex won the war), so you go back to the time machine and go around GimCity collecting parts, after you figure out how to work the time machine, you travel back to 2020 to stop Vortex and Echo from fighting

JUNE 14 2020
After you do, you go back to the present (2040) and see that GimCity was filled with people.
You talk to the Vortex Leader and end the war after convincing him to stop.

JUNE 24 2040
You return to your village after taking the time machine again
And everyone lived happy and in unison for the rest of their lives.

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This is pretty good! However, this is like the main plot of a game and not a side quest like story. I’m starting to realize I didn’t explain this well… I have the main plot for my game! Could you come up with ocean based side quests to do?

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Ok, thanks. Give me a bit to write them, I have drained all my creative energy into the lore.

Here I go again

Mission: Find ClicClac’s Laptop (I know very creative)

Someone stole ClicClac’s Laptop and you have to find his laptop, You go around and ask people who stole it. You work with Detective Baka to find it, You pick up clues and footprints. You find the laptop and get it back before someone spoils his (ClicClac’s) games. ClicClac then rewards you with 500 cash for finding his laptop.

Okay, ocean based side quest coming up.

You meet a fisherman who wants 3 purple fish.
If you accept, you get the quest. (1)
If you decline, he gets mad at you.

  1. You can choose to go to the library (1a) or go fishing.(1b)

1b. You go fishing but can’t find any purple fish, you go back to (1).

1a. You head to the library and figure out that purple fish are extinct. You can choose to tell this to the fisherman (2a)or time travel to way before (2b).

2a. The fisherman gives you the bad ending

2b. You find a time machine, but it is broken. You must break into a highly guarded facility to find 5 electric bolts. If you get caught, (3a), if you make it out with all 5, (3b)

3a. You get sent to jail and have to redo the quest. Jail ending.

3b. You fix the time machine and head back in time. You go through a TON of traps. When you find a lake, you find sticks and rope to craft a fishing rod. You then fish and return to the time machine with 3 purple fish. You procced to get the golden ending.

That was a long essay to write.


This is really good! Thanks so much! I might take out the part about breaking into a facility to fix the time machine, [1] but other than that, this is really solid!

  1. You get access to the time machine after I would say 5 minutes after starting the game. ↩︎

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Maybe they ask you to get an idem, but a bad guy stole it so you have to fight them to get it.

idea 1 since I wasn’t here when this was posted
a guy wants [insert fish here] to cook for dinner you can

  1. buy it from the market (who even fishes these days?)
  2. actually go fishing
  3. raise a fish yourself to hand over

ping me and I can think of some more

ok thx

a quest idea is on trying to find a key, meant to get the person to a specific place, giving you an ending. There may be a file room, and lots of cabinets. If you open a cabinet, there is a random amount of files, but only one cabinet has the key. You have 2 minutes to find the key, if you don’t finish in time you get caught and another ending happens. There is a chance in one cabinet there is a trigger and you lose immediately.

Hope this helps!

Quest: get a cheeseburger for @ClicClac
Catch: Every cheeseburger place is out of stock and anyway, the stores are all out of cheese.
Ending 1: You find a cheese tree, take cheese, but find out it was someone else’s and need to give it back. You end up finding a cheese seed at a shop. You can : A:Grow it or B: sell it.
1a: Turns out it was a plum tree. A: sell the plums or B: give the plums to @ClicClac
Ending 1: 1aa: Nobody buys it. Plum ending.
Ending 2: 1ab @ClicClac gives them back. Fail.
1b: You sell it for a fishing rod, but you need bait. A: use the worms in your backyard or B:Use the rod by itself
1ba: You catch a salmon! A:Fish more! B: Sell the salmon!
1bab : You get $100 and use a time machine! A: Go to the future B: go to the past
Ending 3: 1baba: You find that the cheese burger shop has closed down. Go to the begnning. Closed Ending
1babb: You find a cheeseburger shop and buy a cheeseburger. A: Go back to when @ClicClac asked you for it or B: Go back to the time you were in before you left
Ending 4: 1babba : @ClicClac is confused and you eat it. Yummy ending.
Golden Ending: 1babbb: @ClicClac gives you 20 pieces of blue fish.
(going from 1b)
Ending 6: 1bb : You don’t get a single fish. Fishy ending
(going from 1ba)
Ending 7: 1baa: After you are done, @ClicClac already found a cheeseburger. Late ending.
This took 30 minutes to write.