Complete Inventory manager

Like the normal inventory manager device but for the total amount of objects rather than the amount of a single type. I want to create a system where the player cannot grab all objects at once. is there a current way to implement this?

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are you using an item spawner?

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So, you want like a maximum amount of items that the player can hold? Say yes if you want me to explain.

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Unfortunately there is not a way to track the total amount without a TON of inventory item managers and wasted memory. But it is technically possible to achieve your goal.

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yes I’m using a item granter though

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Memory is never wasted unless you spam sentries.

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Ok! Amazing! Watch this post! The first thing that you will need to do is get an IIM for every item that you can collect in your game. Next, connect them all to separate properties. (So the berry IIM would be linked to the berry property, and so on.) They should all be number properties. Whenever you are going to press a button that will give you an item, broadcast on a channel that a trigger receives on. That trigger (in block code) should add up all of the properties, and check if the total number is less than or equal to a certain number. If so, broadcast on a channel that grants the item. If false, do nothing. Hope this helps! The only major problem is that this basically can’t tell which button you pressed, so it activates all item granters at once. If you’re fine with doing the equivalent of sentry spamming and putting one of these between every button and item granter though, it would work perfectly.

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Then you would have to grant one item at a time or something like that

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Very true :joy: sentries take way too much memory


alright thx. wow this has a very active community


Blastballs: Pathetic.

Anyways, you could use 1 inventory item manage per obtainable item, and it changes a property or counter accordingly.

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You can make it to where you can only hold a certain amount of items using properties. First have a checker that checks the property “Items in inventory” and if it’s less than a certain amount, wire it to the item granter and a trigger when the check passes. Make a block that sets the property “Items in inventory” by get property “Items in inventory” + 1.

allright ill try that

I edited it (you cant start a wire on an item granter lol)

yeah it needs to come from the checker. What does the block part do though?

It will set the property. Its the only way to do it. I can set it up and send you a picture of it if you want.

ok allright thx im trying it rn

the inventory checker only works for one item so it sorta acts like the inventory manager

Unfortunately, this is as far as I can go, I have to go to bed. Whenever you want to grant an item to a player, use this. The button is just a placeholder, you can use whatever you want. I’ll be able to talk tomorrow if you have more questions!

oh ok I get it thx alot