Compare an item to some item

Could i compare the value of one item to the value of another if i store one in a property? Could i also compare the value of one property to another property if i store the value of both as items?

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Yes. Firstly, you would have to make the item(s) that aren’t a property have the same value as a property(assuming you know how to do that.) Then you can either use a checker or blockcode to compare the properties.


You could use this more complex solution to avoid using blocks. However, this does erase your items. Make a checker for both items that checks if it’s 0. Wire both to a trigger with a delay of .0015. This trigger should be wired to 2 item granters that grant negative 1 of both items. The trigger should then be wired back to both checkers. Make the trigger deactivate on “Done”.

You’re almost there! I’ll post the rest later.

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Does it work, or do you need more help?

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