Command Console in Gimkit?

So, I like doing really hard random stuff in Gimkit. And I recently got into trying to make AI, (no, i dont want to make ai in gimkit) and I saw a post,

Use Randomizers to Mimic Machine Learning

And this post got me thinking, what if you could have a command console in gimkit to do stuff in games like auto teleporting or other stuff.
Idk. Let me know what you guys think.

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This post is not necessary. This idea has been introduced before as you have said and is not revolutionary. You don’t introduce anything and are just asking for attention for your idea. If you have a working system, something tangible, then you can make a post.


Yeah but it be used for like one of those games where you have a trap master and all that.
(Plus I’ve never heard of this concept before :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeesh dude. I thought I was the first one. Plus, you can say ideas on the forums. What else is the ideas tag for?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
And no. I wasn’t asking for attention, I was sharing an idea.

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  1. It’s doable - it would take up a crazy amount of memory though.
  2. I made a topic about this too
  3. You would have to make a text entry system that doesn’t require you to move around (otherwise it would be weird)

all to stop fuel adding to the fire that could spread to a wild fire… (flame war)

Let’s all remember the :star2:GOLDEN RULE :star2: of searching before posting.

Wait what exactly do you mean by auto teleport

Wait, what did I do wrong. Also wdym searching before posting. (I don’t understand how this is applied)

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Not you, talking about machine learning.

But I mean that check if his idea was already talked about (kinda doesn’t apply but feel like it should apply for everything.)

Edit: (Also I felt yeesh could have started a war. Cause like in my opinion it just means “bro, I did nothing” which could have been argued.)

Ohh, okay. Thanks for clarifying!

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Uh… the closest thing I can think to this is using mods, but I don’t really know what you mean by command console. Can you clarify?

He may be talking about something like the command prompt or the console found in the dev tools for websites.

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But that would be the inspecting the site?

You did???

Yeah that’s what I mean.
Sort of like commands in Minecraft.


  1. ideas is used for people asking for ideas for their map
  2. @FusionLord is right there was already at least one post about it Machine Learning / AI
  3. search to check if it exists before you post anything
  4. If you don’t have anything to contribute to the idea like how it can be used wait to post until you do

Since your badges says you haven’t already I suggest reading the guidelines and forum-beginners forum-tips


I didn’t know about the ideas tag thing
Where are the guidelines?