Color Code map game ideas (Difficulty: ⬜️)

  • Recently I’ve been noticing when I was creating a game I couldn’t add colour to the code blocks?
    Game Ideas for color code
    1. Disco room
    2. Room 1
    3. Room 2
    4. Room 3
    5. Cave
    6. Attic
    This is a game idea topic also help.
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    You can use this for

Check out my color mode.

pls reply I would be happy.

Wait what is the point of this?

I’m making color code map ideas

Ah ok.

So do you want to give me some ideas like make some thumbnails?

I don’t have any ideas sorry for thumbnails.

oh ok I’ll add more updates on this topic so people can understand more.

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You will need to add more things such as pictures to this guide as right now it is not needed. Also all art guides are :white_large_square:. I changed it for you.