Collab with a game? I need help!

Hi! I thought that the Gimkit community can create a game where you as the player or having teams to escape from the zombie curse and Team D! There will be 4 teams: Team Treasure, Team Escape, Team D, and Team Zombie! So…there should be 1-4 players to be cursed first and whoever is cursed gets on Team Zombie! Team Zombie has the power to spread zombie curse to make others be a zombie! Also, they have some powers to hurt players! But beware…if you use a spell like Moonlight it will get them stronger not weaker, but Sunlight hurts the zombies turning them into maybe humans if they are not so strong. Team D is following the evil king to hurt any innocents which has the powers of super strength, stealth, and rarely mind-control. The Team Treasure wants to gain power to escape and Team Escape just want to escape! There are treasures to protect you and powerups!
Also, Team Treasure and Team Escape are innocent players and can be caught by Team D.
Split up of Players:
Researchers: 1-4 players; research for treasure, the portal to escape, and locations to hide or where the enemies are located
Defence: 3-9 players; protect your team
Seekers: 2-4 players; seek for treasure and news
Money-makers: 1-3 players; make money to purchase upgrades
Leader: 1 player; lead the team
So…this is my idea on this game! I really want to make it, can anyone help? And, please do not copy my idea without asking! Thank you!

Game codes are not allowed, use the wix


No, sorry, I did not use any game codes.


You don’t know how to reply? Also the concept of collab means multiple gims in the same game working on the same project together, to get other people in, you have to share game codes, so…

I’m not doing that! Well, how do people collab with each other on another program? Maybe, I’ll use Google Docs too.

You are being highly presumptuous. OP is just seeing if anyone is willing to help on her game.
She never stated that she would share a code here at all.


I agree too with InkyDarkBird, I just stated to collab without sharing game codes.

  1. Google Docs Collab? Are you allowed to share these links?

Oh, I got a badge for it, you can do it…and I read the guidelines fully.

Not everyone instantly knows how to do things.

They DID NOT use game codes
Collabs ARE ALLOWED and encouraged

People asking for help is literally what the forum is for.

I can help you with your game OP, I can make a bunch of powers and role randomizers for you. I’m also a pretty decent builder.


Oops, sorry, I had to take an English test and study…
But thank you for trying to send a message to help me! I appreciate it and will allow you to do a collab!
Link: Untitled document - Google Docs
We can chat on this link as a collab like others do on Padlet!

what is your user on padlet? i want to help but Google Docs aint working for me

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I’m Anonymous! Just one thing: is it possible for you to create a padlet? Also, one thing: I can sign my name, but people can imposter me by doing this!
How about: Google Slides, Word Doc, or Google Sheets?(if you want)
Sorry for the late reply, I ate a very yummy lunch!

Um…sorry, this link is a little out-of-order of the Google Docs. It can make you very confused! I suggest using Google Slides’ link! Also, there are chats too in both websites of Google Slides and Google Docs! Why isn’t nobody joining there?! I’m joining there! Also, I’ll make a special certificate for anyone who is joining!

Check the comments of Google Slides and Google Docs too! We’re chatting there, okay?

Oke, please mark a solution to close the topic.

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I haven’t found a solution yet…I need more ideas and suggestions for the game! Also, did I see you at the Google Slides?! Thanks for helping, check the comments button if you can! And maybe if you can comment, we can collab more easier!

Thanks for the help!
Edit: There will be teams, check out this Google Slides for the rules…

Collab: Request for Access: You’ll get a Special Role and there are Rewards!

Gimkit Gaming Collab There are so many games: educational, cards, board, romance, comedy, fighting, or even action! From the pictures, it shows a variety of gaming to explore! But, now, we are focusing on a Gimkit game! That’s right! It will have a…

Also, if they need you to request access, I’ll hurry as soon as possible to let you have the access for my collab!
You can give me suggestions if anyone wants to change the rules of the collab! Feel free to, because everyone has an opinion worth sharing.
And if you go here, I’ve started up a Padlet too…
My artistic padlet