Coding Help in GimKart!

Ok. That should be it for the timer then, unless you want it to look a little bit nicer.


In a game overlay’s block code, you need to make the game overlay display the time raced, which is very simple, but crucial.

Anything else you want help with in the game?

I forgot how to make a dang trigger loop…

Trigger → trigger → the original trigger.

Besides that. Any large mechanics that you need help with. I can help with anything up to and including making a thumbnail. Mind you, my thumbnails are a bit different from everyone else’s.

according to google it is


Your second wire does nothing. Also, it needs to activate when the race starts. ALSO, you need to connect a counter to count seconds. ALSO ALSO, you need to connect a property to the counter.

how do i get it to do something?

Have it start on the race’s start. Connect a counter to the triggerloop so it counts up. Connect a property to the counter so you can use that number. Finally, place down a game overlay and connect it to the triggerloop, so that every time it loops, it updates what it says to the current time (the property).


GK8 thing

Finished the thumbnail! You don’t have to use it, just wanted to show you : )


Did you place down the game overlay?

That’s pretty good! Can I ask why you picked the colors you did?

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I just searched up ‘good color palette’ and this popped up XD

Is there a way to share it with someone that can help me. When i check the leaderboard in game it says 0

Oh. I usually make all of the colors represent something. The purple in the GK8 logo right now represents the purple in the Gimkit logo. Your thumbnail is still good, and I’ll still use it! Thank you!

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Did you set the leaderboard to the property? Did you wire the counter to the trigger, so (when triggered, increment counter)?

No problem! I’m so glad you like it

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@ClicClac Is there a way I can share my map with someone and have them help me?