Coding Help in GimKart!

I need help with some coding in my GimKart project. I’m trying to make a scoring system. This is what I got:

Any help? I have tried many tutorials but they dont work. I have made sure there right.

*Sidenote, I’m new to Gimkit Creative

@ClicClac made the og
also please include more details
also one of your wires isn’t finished

Its like this: Laser to Speed Modifier, Laser to Counter (localRank), Laser to Counter (globalRank)

when a wire has a red pulse going through instead of a green one it means you need to fix it one of your wires needs to be fixed

OK, also could you send a link to @ClicClac’s Tutorial?

he never made one he owns the original GImKart so I pinged him to see if he can share his system

OK. My sister challenged me to make a “MarioKart” Theme map. LOL

Why don’t you just make the scoring based on time? Have a timer on a game overlay or something for every player.

I could help with this.

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OK, How though? @wingwave


How do you want the game to be scored?

welp clicclac’s here

im dippin

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Scoring based off of time is easy. Making it good gets pretty gnarly.

OK, How do you do it then. I want it scored on rank (like who passes the finsh line first) and time…

Rank AND time? Are you going to use a point system to put them both on the leaderboard at the same time? I would just pick one, you can find rank from time, and to an extent the other way around.

Nvm… I will just do time, I think it might be easier personally.

[1]Ok. The first step is to make a timer. A simple 1 second triggerloop should work. [2] Connect the timer to a property, and have that property be the thing the leaderboard uses. It should rank players lowest to highest.

  1. Boy, will you be in for a surprise… ↩︎

  2. For now, anyway. ↩︎

OK sounds easy, but how do I stop the timer when they pass the finish line?

I forgot how to make a dang trigger loop…

[1] Deactivate one of the triggers in the triggerloop when they enter a zone/cross a laser/trigger a trigger/whatever ends your game. I would show you my timer as an example, but it’s really complex, as it has the same accuracy as the real MarioKart8. [2]

  1. Here we go. ↩︎

  2. Guys, is MarioKart actually two words? ↩︎

Yea… I dont think I will need that @ClicClac