Coding for Gimkit

Tbh idk wut cat i should’ve chosen. but anyway, i kinda want coding (not blocks) to be in gkc (or just a gamemode). Depending on wut ur school admin(s) allow; java, ruby, c++, etc could be used. i think this should be for veteran gkc creators and also for code-loving people. kid friendly, btw. Idk if opinions r wut the mods approve of but, coding is right up my alley! i’ll give an example of some code that should be added in comments.

Fortunately, exists!

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what is this about?
(explain, my small brain cant comprehend)

banned from that, homie.

He meant adding actual programming languages into Gimkit, like C++ or Java.

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if coding with like java or whatever wuz added to gkc and wut would happen.

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Wait, you can be banned from that?
Sounds like a you problem then.

yeah. idk y, but got perm band

This likely won’t happen and I personally don’t think it should anytime soon as they can add sooo much more yet to Gimkit that they wouldn’t have time for if they added coding which would take a TON of time and work. Plus this would only benefit a small number of people like myself

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but also, it could also benefit student coders of any skill lvl


yeah i want to do the same thing using java. but you need access to the source and most schools don’t allow it. Plus it won’t always work they way you want it to(because the source is for the game, not exactly for random creations). But you can make a Nolt Suggestion. Get Nolted

Otherwise i would be using javascript to be making animation. i made this template last night and i think of a way of adding it into gimkit.
Screenshot 2024-04-16 9.26.12 PM

Ellipse is a circle and rect is a rectangle or square.

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again, perm banned on nolt.

no, you can freely edit the source it doesn’t save your code after you x’out of the site so you won’t get banned.

Well hey, how about this:
I’ll suggest it for you

no literally im banned from nolt. all my comments get deleted even after i post 1.

oh my bad, do you want me to make a suggestion under your name?

gud idea. thx lots homie.

WolfTech can do it that works :slight_smile:

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yeah. that adding on to wut cade said.

it would, i think they might and that part to the blocks section. BH said he would like something like that.