Cod zombies ideas/design ideas

I’m back at it again, making a real cod zombies map and I need perk ideas/design ideas
(I will be doing something special with the helpers if they want)

there was a user who made a lot of guides on this, @Cod_Zombies

just look at their guides

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You can make speed, invisablity, extra damage, those types of percs, and what can I do to help with the design aspect? Or just search up “COD” is the search bar.

I know, but I trying to make other perks (i’m trying to make advance perks like something to do with counters)

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I would, but I want to do this without the help of other guides, all myself apart from a few help post here and there

OK, so what can I do to help?

Well if you want, you can be the first person in my special area

It would be part of the lobby

Ok, so what is the theme and what you have in mind so I can make some templates.

Ok, so basically your a military convoy that got lost and found a survivor camp and you need to scavenge to stay in the camp. there will be 3 maps the cabin, the lab, and the big one the super market (the perk machines will be changed to sample machines)

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I start makeing some templates and i’ll get back to you in a bit.

Ok, real quick, do you want to be part of the special area, if so dead or alive

sure and alive if possible

Ok, any lore you want to add or injuries

You can add lore for it, i don’t mind. And you can choose if you want injures or no, its up to you.

any name you want for the thing?

Wolf Tech, or Dr. T. Wolf SOunds like a AI name, i guess.

Ok, you will be working on a cure, that good?

Yeah thats fine with me.

You could make a bomb to where it clears all the zombies and move to the next round. Or something like when they buy a new gun then they can throw it and it blows the zombies up.