(closed due to to many of the same post)

(closed due to to many of the same post)

This tutorial should help; how to make a capture the flag game|Blizzy

Sorry It doesn’t talk about the blocks for Team notifications, but thanks it could help soon

just have it so that when the flag is picked up it sends a notification to the team who stole the flap or smth.

Oh, sorry, I should’ve checked.

Yeah but when I do that it doesn’t work thanks tho

it’s okay thanksPreformatted text

Does anyone else know how to make this?

I want it so the team that is notified, is the only team that has the notification

a relay?
Screenshot 2024-03-27 9.54.14 AM
whatever → relay-> whatever ur using 4 the code

you can then make another for the other team, so it works both ways.

yeah but it still goes to all of the players in the game