Checkpoints deactivate

I looked around and couldn’t find anything, how do you make checkpoints deactivate, like how Blackhole927 does in YHMFT

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Oops sorry didn’t mean to ping.

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There is a channel you can send on to deactivate them. (I think)

Nope I looked

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I’m not fluent in YHMFT, can you remind me pls lol.

You’ll Hate Me For This.
He added deactivate-able checkpoints

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And, I don’t think you can deactivate checkpoints, as that would remove the whole purpose of them.

Ah, ok

I think they have it so that when the checkpoint is activated, it sets the beginning checkpoint to the active checkpoint with a channel.

Well I don’t really know but I’ll try to figure it out

yea Why Is there no option to deactivate it maybe theres a way in it’s blocks maybe

Well Good luck maybe the next update will have it

Checkpoints can’t do this, I actually made my own checkpoint system from scratch with teleporters and triggers.

I thought you might have; I was hoping that there was a way I didn’t see though…

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You place a trigger and teleporter at every checkpoint, and give each teleporter a unique channel that it will teleport the player when receiving on.

You then store what checkpoint the player is on in a property, then when they die, broadcast on the channel that will teleport them back to the checkpoint.

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