Checkpoint Help

So in a creative mode I was wanting to use the Checkpoint device so when a player was knocked out they went to jail like a Jailbreak mode. Do you know how to make that work?

Knockout manager(player knocked out)—>teleporter (inside jail)

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This wouldn’t be a place where you would use a checkpoint, I would use a spawn pad set to game inside the jail.

Checkpoints would not work, it would need to be a forced respawn point.

So the problem is that when I do that, it teleports the player who did the knock out to the jail and not the player who was knocked out. How do I fix that?

set it to when knocked out, teleport here, here is jail, and it should not affect the ko’er.

Just do spawn pads for team 2 in the jail(or whatever team the robbers are on)


Use a checkpoint that is activated when receiving on a channel. Use the lifecycle to broadcast a message. Nevermind I didn’t see @awesomeT43 's post

Place a lifecycle device which transmit a channel when the player is knocked out then connect the checkpoint in the jail as the active checkpoint when channel is received.

(You may want to fine-tune this so that the lifecycle device only applies to prisoners. Which can be done with connecting a wire repeater to be in the middle between the lifecycle and the checkpoint and only allow the prisoner team / other teams to only activate the life-cycle instead of guards)

Problem with this is that it teleports the prisoners when they are already dead.

Mmm yeah i know… i did another post bc i was wrong