Checking if area is capured. (Old problem solved, but new one found with the solution.)

I have a capure the areas game, and I have a feature where it shows the amount of areas a team has capured. I want to make it make the amount of areas capured go down for a team only if the area they capured was capured by the other team.

I won’t be able to respond until tomarrow.

Just saying, isn’t this a bug?

Not likely. With more complex systems it is very easy to make small mistakes. Once you see this you should reply with ss of your block code


Wait, so do all of the areas start out with red or blue owning one of them?

I don’t think so based on the data we have. It’s 0 0.

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That’s probably the issue then.

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That seems probable. Another possible error is that checker is currently looking for = which means if it is decremented fast enough it could go to negative one. This system would work better with a < check

I think when Red team owns an area, blue for some reason loses an area (or so it shows), so that’s what we need to fix.

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Yeah they could be trying to set the starting amount using a lifecycle to a channel instead of a default in a counter.

I’m going to try that.

Of course it loses an area, but the checker isn’t working.

I tried that, it did this when red capured an area:
Screenshot 2024-03-19 8.29.29 AM

(“Red has thing” channel is when red has an area. Vice versa for blue)

You could’ve set the target value for the counters to be -1 and increment the counter once it reaches the target value…

I’ll try that.

It worked, but I have a new problem, if they have capure an area not owned, blue still goes down.

Have you done properties but not with counters for that? (I’m in history so it might be a slow response or no response at all.)

What do you mean? The counters update the property.

Track the amount of flag props taken instead of adding and subtracting. I’m probably being really stupid.

It’s not a flag device, it’s a flag prop, and you capure it with buttons.