Checkers aren't working, 5=4

When I use a checker it passes when it shouldn’t, even when there is a literal visible counter for the property and it is very obvious it shouldn’t

Yeah, checkers have seemed a bit buggy (for me at least), maybe try triggers & blocks instead?

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thats what ive been doing however it’s very sad that I can’t use such a neat device

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I know, it’s just annoying for experienced Gims, and confusing for newer Gims ;-;

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Can you show a screenshot? (I know it is a month too late)

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Checkers are just broken for properties there’s literally no arguing.


Maybe it was an AUO glitch?

No, its literally broken. I don’t know what to tell you.

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It’s broken. It’s never worked, and it probably won’t until new gamemodes release.

It works now, lol.

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