Checker Issue Need advice

I am trying to make it so when your under 500 it opens a notification to help someone but

When I do the less than with the comparison of 500 why is it not sending the signal to the notification?

Screenshot 2024-01-27 1.58.37 PM

I want to believe you do not need a property to check for this But Will it need one?

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Is it an item you’re checking for?

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yes it is… it is energy

Make an all player notification when the check passes.

tried that did not work

Did you make sure its constantly checking?

yes or I think I did

Check that. Because it needs to keep repeatedly checking. After that, it should work.

Nope did not work sadly

Ok. So let me try this for you.

Your checker settings seem good, make sure your sending the right channel to the notification, make sure its constantly rechecking the property, and if it doesn’t work, no idea.