Checker flag help

so when a person has a flag a waypoint actives and shows where the flag capture zone is.I’m using a checker and the flag item is not in there.Can someone help me found a work around?

I’m pretty sure this is in the flag device’s settings. Have you checked there yet?

no,i don’t think there is a settings for showing where the flag capture zone is

place a waypoint

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Type: Device, Name: Flag Zone , Seet it where the zone is

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So you need a waypoint that activates when a player picks up a flag?


In the flag’s customization settings, there’s a feature for that. Just make sure it says Yes.

Unfortunately, you cannot check for the flag since it isn’t a item, but you can use psuedo - flags.

Make a notification that is alerted

no thats when somone picks up a flag it sends out an alert saying that somone has picked up your flag

if a flag isn’t a item then how come i can see it in my hotbar?

You can also properties. Flag picked up → increment counter that edits a property
Might be easier

What is a hotbar? a flag isn’t an item, it’s a device, that’s why you cant check for it.

Flag is device. Yes it is

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Hotbar is where the weapons and all that appear.


In that case, this is probably because the creators wanted it to be like that.

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The hotbar is where all INTERABLE items appear. That includes FLAGS and ARTILLERY

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Flag picked up → Set a property to 1 (true), and otherwise it is 0 (false), make sure it’s player-scoped and numerical.

Flag captured → Set the property to 0.

Checker checks if property is >0 and then does stuff.

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