Checker Disappearing Bug

I saved my map, exited, and only the checkers that I just placed down disappeared. I copied this:

To make this:

Notice the lack of checkers.

this update is really buggy so far

There are lots of things going on that are messing with everyone’s maps.
Sentries, checkers, screen deforming—this is a lot!

:frowning: If only it would be fixed–don’t know how to help…

It happened before the update as well.

This happens with all creative related stuff (even happened with terrain once)

If you refresh it should be fixed

Nope. The checkers still aren’t there.

This update is SO buggy. Kinda sucks.

It’s not the update. It’s been happening for a while.

oh, i didn’t know that…

WOW, that’s weird… have you reset your computer. (If that doesn’t work its probably a server issue.)

Ok I just tried it again and it worked… I’ll keep it open though.