Checker bug that I dont know how to get around

I am having a bug where the checker never fails even when the check is false. Like i check if the property is greater than another and when it is not true, it still thinks it is true.

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Hmm. Try looking over your settings again? Sometimes its just trial and error

i did and it doesn’t work. It always thinks it is true even it is false.

Exit out and go back in or refresh

are you using a true/false property type?
The checker can only check numerical ones.

no i am using a counter

either that happens or it always thinks that both counters are equal if instead of greater than i use equal to.

I did that but still same result. It always thinks the statment is true

If you can not find a solution file a report to gimkit by emailing, they should email back in about 48 hours or sooner.

Try reloading the page. It ALWAYS works.

I don’t think it’s a bug though, it’s more of a coding issue and the GK team doesn’t usually help with coding as we have the forum for that.
(Replying to @ShinyRiolu and @thatOneCringe as well)

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K I was saying it as a general statement, but you could just rehost, and check all existing channels/wires to see if one channel is reused to kill the signal.

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Same! The same thing is happening to me!

I did and nope i saw nothing. I checked it for an hour straight changed and tried a bunch of things and it wont work.

can you send your checker and counter settings?

Property settings too.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 11.09.14 AM

Screenshot 2024-01-05 11.09.33 AM

Screenshot 2024-01-05 11.09.08 AM

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What about the settings of the property?

in the counter settings it says to update Property “4” I think you have to make it property “3”

If that’s the problem then pls mark this as the solution