Checker Announcement

I think I’m going to start using checkers correctly now- this will be useful. How about you?


I will stick to block code for my checking, mainly bc checkers cant compare two properties and i want to be consistent

Alright. I think I’ll use checkers only for checking one property (since they use less memory).


Tag zone also isn’t broken aymore.

Oh well. I had the tag zone sitting in my museum of oddities and bugs…

Wow. It’s going to feel really weird to use checkers to check properties, even though they work now…
My brain is just programmed to automatically think it’s wrong lol


Me, the programming addict trying to cope with the fact that checkers work now:


Wow, you found a lot of stuff.

With this patch, checkers are a top tier device, along with item granters and zones.

The checker got a redemption arch! Jokes aside, now we have a nice way to check properties without using blockcode, so great for beginners!

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(With extreme rigidity in mind, I’m still gonna use blocks)

checkers sound cool sometimes i use them

properties are weird but i think i kind of get the hang of them i cant reply anymore

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