Channels used for "lighting"

You will need 2 buttons and a barrier
step 1. change the barrier color to pitch black and turn off collision and borders.
step 2. place the buttons next to each other.
step 3. using the buttons, make 2 channels, light on and light off.
step 4. make it so when the button connected to light on is pressed, it deactivates both the light on button, and the light off barrier.
step 5. do the same with light off, but instead of deactivating the barrier, it activates the barrier instead.
step 6. make it so when light on is pressed, it activates light off, and make it when light off is pressed, it makes it where light on is activated.

Now, that may seem confusing, so here it is in pictures

Please don’t make duplicate guides, or guides that are as simple as turning a barrier on and off.


its a duplicate? I didnt know that, I am sorry.

should I delete it what do I do?

Move it to devices, and change the title.

And mark a solution!

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alright I will do that thx for letting me know by the way.

Nice guide but as getrithekd , we already have something like this. Try looking in the search bar before you make a guide to avoid duplicates.

Please don’t ping me unless you need me for something.

My bad.

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