Changing spawn points

How do I change spawn points once you unlock something?

More Info for anyone who whants to know
I’m making a most creative map indeed. There are 2 levels (so far) and when you go down the elevator (final zone) you find a place where you can set up camp and recharge. This should be where you are taken when you die once you unlock it, however, you get sent back to the very start.

You can’t do that, but you can teleport the player there.

and which would work better?
KO manager → Trigger which can be activated → Teleporter
Lifecycle → Trigger which can be activated → Teleporter

You can add a spawn point at that camp for team 2, at the start of the game switch everyone to team 1, now when they reach a zone, switch them to team 2, but then teleport them to the start

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Yep! That works (I hate teleporter rooms/halls)

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