Changing Sentry teams

hi! Hi need help with changing sentry teams. for example if the sentry asks you to get him a blue keycard and the second call to action is no and you click on it. He Says fine. when you leave he attacks you.


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In the settings, go to all, it should say, which team is it on, if you only have 1 team, pick team 1!

I need to change the sentries team mid game not set them to a team

you can deactivate one that is asking for the key card, and activate a new one that is on the required team maybe?

I’ll try it, thank you.

Just link it to the call to action, maybe

Has it worked? If so, may you mark this as the solution?

I just tested it, thank you it worked I’m marking solution now

You can also have it shoot a prop that activates a team switcher. When the sentry hits the prop, they will switch teams.

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