Changelog is Gone

I go to the link of the Changelog, but it sends me to a screen that says: This page doesn’t seem to exist. Click anywhere to go back.

I checked, and you’re right.

They could’ve deleted it since it also says that for me too

What? Why?

Maybe it’s just a bug. :rofl: Hopefully…

that weird maybe he did forget let just wait a while and he may remember.

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Maybe they are doing something big? Like revamping it?

however, if you go to a specific page, like march 19 2024 update, it will still be there

Thank you for informing that me that a post in the bugs category of this forum is a bug. You have enlightened me with the light from your post.


wild information he shared right there.

Anyways, yeah, the changelog was gone when I checked it late last night, so it’s been gone for a little while.