Change in difficulties

Throughout the pass few ages we’ve gone through, here in the forum, and in GKC, the way people view the difficulty of things has changed. Originally things like ___ Land were 11/10, but now some people cosider it a 9/10. While others say ___ Land is more of a 10/10. In the end of the day, the difficulty of something doesn’t really depend on a list of things, what it depends on is how you view it. People may one day even start a flame war over something like difficulties, just because one thinks one thing and the other another thing. So what really is the difficulty of something?

The true, and horrible response is that the difficulty rating system doesn’t work. We think we made a good way to rating things, but not really. I mean like sure it’s pretty cool and all, but does it really make sense? Certain people have different ways of rating things and different ways of scoring them. There are a few ways of scoring them, but 3 I know are: the 7/7 difficulty system, the basic 10/10 system, and the gimpossible 11/10 system.

As we advance through time in GKC our knowledge will increase, but then most things will become very easy for us. So what do you think? Should there be a difficulty rating system, should we just make a new one and hope it makes sense for everyone, or should we just leave it be?

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We can solve this by making a set of requirements that a guide HAS TO MEET to be a certain rating.

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We should make a difficulty system based on how many days after joining a gim can understand. So a difficulty of 2 is being able to understand after 2 days of GKC.

So it would go up to 100?

No. It could go to however much we need.

Some people undertand things the first day they enter.

Like a fully functional computer could be difficulty 200.

Maybe, but will everyone agree on it and will everyone really use it?

No one has reached 200 yet…

A few things:
The standard difficulty system that has been around since the old forums is the green orange yellow red purple. This worked really well, and was proven to be a good way to rate difficulty with accruacy.

The main controversies over difficulty are the more detailed systems with 10 emojis, and whether something truely deserves to be :black_circle:

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And no one has made a fully functional computer yet…

The controversies that happen over difficulties can be reduced by making them go away or something. Flame wars could happen…

(Begins to check when day 200 is reached…)

Keyword could.

(Sadens over the word could…)

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Which Difficulty Rating?
  • Days After Joining
  • Universal Difficulty
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Days after joining is just too variable.

The problem is difficulty isn’t the complexity of what is being made, it is what the user is forced to understand in order to make it. Under that rule, no guides have been made that deserve a black difficulty.

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Fully working backspace using number theory is the only concept that could take the black difficulty then…

Wait theres a guide on that?