Capture the Flag Sorting


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I’m trying to make a capture the flag game, but one side doesn’t have a flag, and has a third as many players, but I’m having trouble with the sorting system. how could I make the amount of players in my game be divided by three, and than TPed to a location/ changed to a team

Have a lifecycle → triggerloop → trigger, with the triggerloop broadcasting on a channel that the trigger receives on. That trigger should check if the number of people on team 1, divided by 3 and rounded up equals the number of people on team two. If false, check again, but for the amount of people on team 2 +1 this time. If both of these checks are false, broadcast on a channel that a relay will receive on. Have it select a random player from team 1 and put them on team 2.

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I understand everything, but I’m not very smart. What is a triggerloop?

A triggerloop is two or more triggers wired to each other in order to make a recursive loop.

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