Capture the flag map

So, I am making a capture the flag map (I’ve already posted about it recently) and I am making a trading system in the marketplace on my map (credit to @CringeKarlScott ) But I want to make it so the player can unlock new trading levels, but I am having trouble making the player go back to the marketplace, without having to buy all the trades again, but also letting other players pay for the other trades.

can you clarify your question pls?


Sorry, it is kinda confusing. but I want there to be trading levels that the player can unlock, right? But I’m confused on how the player can exit the trading place, with there level marked, so they can go back to it.

a picture please?

Sorry I have to go, but I send you a picture later.

ok np

Maybe when the player first interacts with the sentry, they get pop-ups with call to action buttons that they can use to choose which set of items they want to purchase based on trading level. For instance, if they select “Level 3 Items,” they have to be at trading level 3 in order to access those items.

You can use properties for the trading levels. Place a property device. Set property to Trading Level, set scope to “player,” and set property type to “number.” Now, you can either use blockcode or counters to edit the property.

In order to check a player’s trading level when they are trying to select the item level, connect the pop-up call to action button that selects the item level to a checker. Have the checker check the property “trading level.” Check if it is greater than [the item level you’re trying to purchase -1.] So for instance, if the player is trying to purchase level 2 items, the checker would check if Trading Level is greater than 1. Connect the checker to the pop-up for selling the items (check passes → open popup.) Connect the checker to a notification (check fails → send notification. ) In the notification you could make it say something like “Your trading level isn’t high enough.” Do this for all item levels.

This was a lot, so tell me if you are confused about anything or would like a more in-depth explanation about how this works.


So, make it so that the player can get a certain level of trading, and set it to a player-scoped property you have called ‘Level’(or something like that). Then, make it so that every time the player goes to buy something, there is a checker that checks the property; if it’s 1, open up the level one trading system, if it’s two, open up the level 2 trading system, etc.


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