Capture the flag map help

So i have been coding a capture the flag esc map and whenever you get the flag and are tagged it gives you a point

soo what do u want to have??

it not to give a point when you are tagged and have the flag

so when they are running u want others to know where they are??

no, I have it set up to when you get a gimberry you gain a point on the leaderboard but when you have the flag and you are tagged before you get rid of the flag you and the person that tagged you get a point. Im confused why

so the person who tagged u has to put the flag back???

no you and the person who tagged you get a point if you are tagged while you are carrying a flag

ok so the person carrying the flag gets a point to go to and the person who tagged u gets the same point and they have to go there to get something done??

no a point as in the leaderboard

ohhh u have to fix teh settings

yes but i dont know what setting to change

go to map help and switch stuff up then make it take in tags and stuff

the points system is by how many of an item you have bc there are multiple ways to get a point

what i dont understand is why they both get the point

To clarify- The person who tags the person with a flag gets the point, or the person with the flag who tags another person gets a point?

??? what now im even more confused

yes That is what i want but they both get the point and im not sure why

um because make it seperate

Wait but which option I stated did you want to make?

I want to make the first