Capture the flag help

I’m making a capture the flag type game, and whenever the flag is captured, it shows a notification. However, it shows like 20 notifications! How do I get this to stop?

Is the notification connected to a repeater? Just do [flag captured → send notification] through wires

I don’t know, but what I do know is that you can demoIish your system, then you can just have a flag capture zone that is configured so that when the flag is captured, send a notification. If you need team-specific notifications, then just use wire repeaters that only allows one team.

by wire repeaters do u mean relays…?

no, I know what I said, and it might be stoopid, if I’m being honest.

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Ok. There are a couple different reasons on why this happened. The first one is that you have a relay wired to a notification that sends to all players. That device system finds the number of players in the game, and sends that many notifications. This is only noticeable with multiple people though, so were you paying with alts/friends? The second reason could be because you accidentally made a recursive loop, that sent a notification every time it looped through.


welcome @creativeruser

I didn’t do any of these things.

How do I demolish it?

Huh. Odd. What did you do? Can you take a picture of your build or describe how you get the notification to activate?