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So I hope this is not considered off-topic or not GKC related but I’m making a thumbnail for someone, but I am adding text for the title what font do people usually use on Canva?

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Edit to make statement more clear:

The type of font depends on the thumbnail’s vibe. If it’s a calm, soothing thumbnail, you’d want a curvy, chill font to match. A choas based, action packed thumbnail would want a sharp , unique font, so on.


The default font is Canva Sans.

Well, I meant for thumbnails specifically. I found a good font though!

The thumbnail if you really wanna see

Screenshot 2024-06-19 5.25.26 PM

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nice thumbnail! I like it

Thank you! My first one was trash and I’m surprised this one, my second one is amazing in comparison!

My first thumbnail

Screenshot 2024-06-17 6.10.36 PM

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