Candy-Land Custom Props!

This is a guide about how to make some Candy-Land themed props! (It does involve a lot of barriers but I feel it’s worth it)

Step 1. Cake.

These are the things you need for the cake.

To do this cake you will need a rectangle barrier, solid brown.
Screenshot 2023-11-22 9.23.13 PM

Get these items:
Screenshot 2023-11-22 9.23.55 PM

Combine these items into this:
Screenshot 2023-11-22 9.48.30 PM

Then put it on top of the rectangle barrier:
Screenshot 2023-11-22 9.49.53 PM

Copy the cake, split it and round off the edges. Add two candles as well.


Put them together, it should look like this.


Step 2, Gummy bear.

Get a barrier and make it a solid red color.


Then add another one to the bottom and one without a border in the middle.


After that, copy a barrier and make it smaller. Copy again and place on head.

Then, make a copy of the barriers used as ears and make legs and feet.

You can now use colored basketballs for the eyes and nose.

Step 3, Lolipop.

For this, you can use 2 colors of your choosing. I chose red and orange. First, get one red, circular barrier with a white border.

Then, get a barrier of a different color (I used orange), shrink it, an put it inside. It does not need to have a border.


Repeat this until you have something that looks like this.


Get a metal pole, and put it on the bottom.


(Also, you can fiddle around with layers and collision to get it to be able to walk through)

Step 4, Cotton candy things.

So, first, get a sentry and two small piles of snow. Color the piles to be light blue and light pink.


Put them on the sentry’s head.


Next, a cotton candy tree. First, get a pink tree. Then get two large snow piles and color them pink and blue.

Put the snow piles on either sides of the top.


Step 5, Gumball boss.

This is a big build so bear with me. First, get a gumball machine and make it as big as you want, but a moderate size. Outline the legs with metal poles, and put small, multicolored barriers inside the legs. (Warning, extremely tedious)

Then put two of the blue and pink snow piles from the cotton candy step as feet. Change the size as you choose.

Now, recolor gray stone columns to red, and put large colored barriers as the elbow jo!nt. Use Green Chemical bottles as some kind of gumball shooters. (???)

And you are done, you’ve mastered Candy-Land prop-making!



Real creative guide, that looks really good! Only question is,

How will we combine these items? Wouldn’t the barrier show through them? Or am I missing something?

But this is a very, creative guide! Good job! :smiley:

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I think the layer of the circles is lower than the layer of the other one.

You have to put the barrier without a border over that specific part.

Yeah, but the barrier on the other cake would show!

OHHH I see now! The barrier without the outline is over the other barrier, making it so it covers it perfectly, but not the outline itself! Oh! That’s creative then!

(Just saw your post burgerking, just figured out lol)


I forgot to write that part, oops

Thank You! @Txme_Lxss

These are really cool! Do you think you can make the board?

I Love this guide! I think it would look a little better if it had the drop-down things.

NICEEE! this is very creative and also this looks really good, keep it up!

Nice guide! I never thought of putting un-bordered barriers over bordered barriers. [1]

  1. me when i grammar -_- ↩︎

nice guide I really never thought about doing that for my candy map.

Wow! I :heart: this guide!
Definitely going to use this in my map :wink: